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"A majestic, highly complex, gorgeously orchestrated album, one that has lengthy staying power and fantastic listen-ability. A must have for Heavy Metal fans" (Powerline A.D.)

"The creativity of Oliver Palotai knows no limits and with this release he is set on establishing Sons of Seasons as one of the premier Progressive Symphonic Metal bands in the scene" (Infernal Masquerade, 92/100)

"It would be presumptuous to put this noble, exceptional record in the Metal genre only. With its countless musical facettes and emotional nuances it is offering so much more. (...) 14 songs, enormously rich in content and long- lasting entertaining" (Sonic Seducer)

"Absolutely to be recommended to all fans of intelligent, heavy and sometimes bombastic Metal" (Rock Hard, 8/10)

"Magnisphyricon is an album with enormous potential and will surprise all skeptics among you, together with those who love Symphonic Metal" (Metallian Magazine, 5/6)

"Who doesn't know Sons Of Seasons so far, should use the chance to get to know the band. But be careful: It is highly addictive!" (Bizarre Radio, 14/15)

"Sons of Seasons have surpassed their debut release fantastically with Magnisphyricon. (...) You will definitely be head-banging uncontrollably throughout this disc. I can't find one thing to complain about on this album. There is nothing lacking or wrong with it; nothing to change or improve on. It's just amazing and entertaining in its entirety" (That Devil Music, 9.5/10)

"Combining elements of symphonic, power, and progressive metal, SoS allows you to journey with them as they explore and expand their musical boundaries. Strongly recommended." (Dangerdog Music Reviews/ 4.75/5)

"What a breathtaking achievement! If you're into Symphonic Metal, this is warmly... no, hotly recommended to you." (Lords Of Metal, 90/100)

"The album is greatly composed and produced (...) and feels organic and real. There's not one weak song (...) and the record is just fun. Magnisphyricon is an incredibly good album, which leaves you nothing missing. A must- have!" (Metal Aschaffenburg, 14/15)

"There might be some healthy crazyness in Oliver’s mind, without that it would be hard to dream an album like this to life. What seperates Sons of Seasons from the many similar bands is that they are able to step over the boundaries of the genre. (...) Highly recommended material!" (Metal Hammer Hungary, 8/10)

"This thing is a killer! (...) A real star at the Metal sky and proof that there is still innovation, bravery and ingeniousness in the German Metal scene. A candidate for the album of the year." (, 9/10)

"With Sons Of Seasons Henning Basse (...) establishes himself in the European singer top league. (...) The high- class composed material presents fantastic melodies and an enormous variety of moods. The keys are fat and opulent. (...) Sons Of Seasons have fat balls!" (Metal Hammer Germany, 5/7)

"Without sacrificing variety or duration, the album never wears out or overstays its welcome until the last note has stopped playing. The diversity here is impressive. This band can seemingly do anything without betraying their style." (Blackwind, 8,5/10)


"Don't be afraid of an abundance of keyboards because Oliver is also responsible for a big portion of outstanding guitar works. It is powerful, symphonic Metal (...) from the beginning to the end and a recommendation for every fan of that style" | Rock Tribune (NL/B - Rated 82/100)

"From every point of view 'Gods Of Vermin' is a moving experience, which beyond all genres gives a lot to a wide circle of Metal fans" | Markus Eck from Metalmessage/Sonic Seducer (D - Rated 8/10)

"Album Of The Month" | Rock Radio Kerkrade (NL - May 2009)

"Fascinating, how distinctly these musicians still can find their own place between Kamelot, Stratovarius and Theatre Of Tragedy - and fill it with their own musical accent" | Metal Hammer (D- Rated 6/7 [songwriting]; 5/7 [total])

"Finally keyboarder & composer Oliver Palotai (Doro, Kamelot) has managed to get his own band on its feet. (...) variation, drama and good songs are pretty much words that cover what I feel about this debut album. (...) ...quite early you understand you have something great coming. This album will get a lot of spins at my place" | Scream Magazine Norway - Rated 5/6)

"Sons Of Seasons (...) give with their debut an example, how versatile Metal can be. Without being exaggeratedly progressive, aggressive or articficial the German band presents a dark album between Heavy and Gothic Metal, an athmospheric debut with a lot of mystical-symphonic elements" | Orkus (D - 8/10) - Newcomer Of The Month!

"'Respect – this is no ordinary„hitting your instrument' but really most outstanding drum playing on the highest possible niveau. Compared to that many celebrated american colleagues look very pale. For that I give 11 from 10 points" | Axel Mikolajczak from Sticks

"So far, I have heard a few hundred albums this year, and I'm absolutely positive about this one. I bet that this album will end in my personal top 3 at the end of 2009, and perhaps, we can conclude that THE album of the year is already released. There is nothing more to say, nothing more to declaim, the only thing that I want to do is push the play button once again and enjoy once more of this absolute magnum opus!" | Patrick de Sloover from Metal To Infinity - Rated 100/100

"Without a doubt this is one album that I believe will be worth buying, no matter what point of the year it is, I haven‘t found a single flaw, and I personally believe it to be the album of the month for March/April" | Pete Trafford from - Rated 9/10