July 31, 2015 Posted by Yvonne in NEWS

Plans for 2016

Dear fans & friends of Sons Of Seasons,
After a very long time finally a sign of life from me and the band. We´ve all been busy with a lot of different projects over the past years. But Sons Of Seasons has never been considered dead & buried from our side.
So, we want to continue 2016, hoping to release the third album then. I can´t give you too many details yet, because Pepe Pierez and me just talked about the general outline recently. Nevertheless, with all these new experiences, we´ve re- loaded our batteries to deliver a vast and heavy Prog Metal experience.
We were all surprised that our sites gained constantly new fans, our video clips gained more viewers and our albums are selling, even without much activities from our side. Thanks a lot to all of you for that.
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