April 19, 2011 Posted by Pako in NEWS

European Tour 2011

Dear friends & fans,

It is only a few days until the beginning of the European tour. We're busy preparing, rehearsing, packing suitcases and equipment and trying not to forget half of the stuff. Everybody is more than excited to introduce the new songs live to the audience.

You might have read some already: the reviews on 'Magnisphyricon' are... WOW! More are coming in by the day, and we're already starting to sweat considering how we are supposed to surpass that with the third record. And we're happy and thankful to get so much positive private feedback, on our Forum, on MySpace, Facebook etc.

After the concerts we're there for you, to talk and exchange opinions at the merchandise booth. And we're hoping for the one or the other Aftershow Party, to celebrate with you how well everything is going ahead. And we're keeping an eye out for people with Sons Of Seasons-Shirts - that's how we identify each other, being part of The Conspiracy. You know what I mean...

See you on tour!

Some reviews:
Infernal Masquerade (92/100)
Spark Magazine (6/6)
Rock Hard Germany (8/10)
Metal Hammer Hungary (8/10)
Metal-Aschaffenburg (14/15)
Metallian Magazine France (5/6)
Bizarre Radio (14/15)
Dangerdog (4.75/5)
Stormbringer (4/5)
ThatDevilMusic (9.5/10)
Sonic Seducer (Very good)
Queens Of Steel (9.5/10)
Zillo Germany (Very good)
Powerline A.D. (A Must Have)
Jukebox- Metal (4/5)
Pommesgabel (9/10)
Blackwind (8,5/10)
Metal Hammer Germany (5/7)
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