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Two years after the intricate debut “Gods Of Vermin” it is time for the second release of the creators of Dark Symphonic Metal, Sons Of Seasons. With “Magnisphyricon” the band takes a rigorous step forward, sharpening their profile regarding songwriting and production, but keeping their direction into their very own musical field. If you’re new to their universe, you need some time to intertwine with those complex structures, unexpected harmonical twists and sudd en bendings of seemingly familiar progress ions.
Still it is effortless to catch the wave by listening closely, since the composers always stay melodic, offering strong choruses as an entrance point. “Magnisphyricon” is a word creation, melting the terms “magnus”, “sphere” and the connecting post suffix “con” into one, and relates to the band finally being complete with a fifth member, and having found the music they wanted to create. Sons Of Seasons will tour Europe in April and May 2011, after having played live extensively in the past two years.


‘Sons Of Seasons’ was founded in 2007, around January. Up to this point Oliver Palotai has always been an instrumentalist in bands that already existed way before he became a member – for example Kamelot, Doro, CircleIIC ircle, Blaze or Uli Jon Roth. Alongside he worked as songwriter and producer. So what he finally needed was a melting point for all his sk ills, as player, composer and producer.

In January 2007, Oliver Palotai and drummer Daniel Schild were still members of Blaze, the band of Iron Maiden’s former singer Blaze Bayley. Disagreeing with the methods of Blaze’s new management the whole line- up decided to quit.

It was the perfect point of time for Oliver not to search for another existing project to participate but to start his own thing, a musical playground without limitations. Based on not always positive experiences of the past Oliver knew that the perfect line- up had to consist out of great musicians, without doubt, but also out of persons being able to work as a team for many upcoming years without tripping over oversized egos. So, the first member besides Oliver was drummer Daniel Schild, joining in Spring 2007, and Jürgen Steinmetz on bass , in the following summer.

The biggest challenge for Oliver during the initial songwriting process was to bring all his pass ion for Metal, Jazz and Class ical Music together. Surprisingly, once started, it was easier than he thought it would be. At a quite early point you could already hear & feel how Sons Of Seasons would sound like. Also around summer 2007, the first singer, Tijs Vanneste, was found. Although Tijs proved to be a great musician the bands’ future touring plans didn’t fit the tight working schedule at his job. Still, in some of the songs of the debut album, you will find a couple of songs with parts inspired by his ideas.

Oliver met Henning Bass e, the new and final vocalist, during a tour in Japan. Amazed by the singers’ outstanding live performance Oliver got in contact with Henning end of 2007 and introduced the song material. Henning immediately saw common musical ground and started adding his ideas to the material. The lyrics reflect mainly Oliver’s interests and pass ions besides music: Literature, history, politics, science and the cultural heritage of every part of the world. That is what Sons Of Seasons is about.

The band performed their first concerts in February 2009 in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. In June 2009 they already opened the main stage of Metal Camp festival before Ed Guy and Kreator and continued with success ful headliner concerts. October and November 2009 they went on European tour as support of EPICA. While the lyrics might be more delicate, Sons Of Seasons proved to be a well- oiled metal machine on stage.

In 2010 the band started the song writing period for “Magnisphyricon”, playing at the same time with bands like Rage, Doro, or Lacrimas Profundere, and at festival like M’Era Luna or Summersend. For the final mix they chose renowned musician and engineer Dennis Ward, who delivered in detail the result they were heading for. 2011 will bring many more live gigs, as a support tour for Kamelot and a co- headliner tour with MaYan is already confirmed.